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The Backline-Press is a site set up to collect my work, ideas and to track my development into the world of journalism.
In the summer of 2012 I graduated in International Relations from the University of Sussex, and have subsequently moved to develop my writings and photography and start out on a ‘career’ in freelance journalism.

This sight is not only a place for me to collate articles i write, or link to those that I publish, but also to collate news that i think is of note. It is as much a scrapbook of things that are influencing what i am working on as it is an attempt to inform and interest readers.

There are several sections to the site.
The ‘collected News’ section is devoted to articles, editorials, photography and other news which I have been reading and influenced by. It is a collection of things that that is shaping what i am writing about. Work in this section is not my own and therefore is often no more than a link to original articles or work due to copyright laws, my twitter feed (@backlinepress) is mostly used to complement this section of the site.

The ‘Articles’ section is a showcase of what i am producing at present. This will be a combination of published works and things that i am producing for this site or my own development. Articles here may be published in their entirety or may be a link to their publication.

The ‘In Pictures’ is a section devoted to images that i am producing, all work here is licensable, so if you have an interest in any of my work please get in contact. Otherwise all normal Copyright laws apply.

Lastly, ‘Beginnings’ is about my move into independent journalism; it is both a diary and record of what i am doing, how I am doing it and where I am heading. This section is an informal account of my moments and as much as anything else it is a less space restricting twitter feed.

I hope that this site is of interest,

J. H. Young

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