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Robert King’s Photos of Syrian Violence –


Robert King’s Photos of Syrian Violence – |

  • A Rare View of Conflict in Syria
  • In one of Robert King’s photographs from Qusayr, Syria, a gray-haired man in blue scrubs holds a crying child who is tangled in IV tubes (Slide 11). Behind them, on a bed covered with disheveled blankets, three more children lie bandaged; plastic sheeting covers a window and a bookshelf, as if the room was quarantined, or as if its owner were clinging to normalcy by protecting the furniture.
  • Mr. King’s description of the government campaign echoes a Human Rights Watch report that documented what it said was indiscriminate shelling of civilian homes and agricultural fields and shooting of pedestrians, as well as accounts that refugees fleeing to Lebanon from Al Qusayr described in March.
  • He said that the fighters he met seemed mainly interested in ousting Mr. Assad and not in installing religious government
  • “I’m not going to give the viewer a way out of my frame,” Mr. King said. “If it’s graphic, I’m going to make it graphic. I’m not here to make art.”

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