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First steps


I’m not sure, yet, how this section of the site will look or what it will cover. Its mostly a diary for myself about what I have been doing and thinking but it may be interesting for other people to read.

So ill start with what I have been doing since I handed in my dissertation at the beginning of May, and how I have begun my move into journalism.
Knowing where to start has been the main problem so far, but I have been keeping busy.

Back at the end of May I attended the Frontline Club‘s Photo Week talk given by several photographers from VII and other guests about photo-journalism.
It was an interesting day in London held at the Royal Institute and was pretty reassuring form a photographic point of view.
Although the days of one paper assigning you to cover a story, paying you costs and giving you a reasonable wage are more or less gone, the industry is far from dead.
The Guys at VII said they are actually happy that the industry is changing as well, the new system gives them a lot more flexibility and creative control than the old system.

‘Its not a crisis of money it’s a crisis of imagination’ – you just have to be creative in thinking of revenue streams not just relying on one organisation or one story.

I also booked my self onto one of the NUJ’s ‘Introduction to Freelance Journalism’ courses which are well worth the money.
They covered everything from how to approach editors and pitching ideas to making deals, getting paid and paying tax.

‘The main thing to remember is that freelance doesn’t mean free’ – even if your new to journalism if your product (story) is good you should get paid, and don’t let editors palm you off with notions of good will or exposure.
Really interesting day

i also applied for an (unpaid) internship with the economist newspaper, which would have been really good but sadly I didn’t get the place – over 250 applicants and they did the selecting in 7 days over the jubilee weekend. That is a hard working office! The article I wrote for the application will be up in the articles section soon.

Other than that I have been thinking about topics for articles, and publications I could approach. Its all very time consuming, and now that the weather has gone nice again its hard not to head out into the sun!


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