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post to blog 11/24/2011

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      Frank Poulsen’s eye-opening new documentary exposes a link between the war in DR Congo and our mobile phones 
      Blood in the Mobile
    • Frank Poulsen’s eye-opening new documentary exposes a link between the war in DR Congo and our mobile phones
    • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, our demand for phones has been helping to finance a civil war which has killed more than 5m people. There is, according to the title of Danish director Frank Poulsen’s eye-opening
    • Minerals from mines under the control of warring factions have been making their way into our mobiles for years
    • The UN raised the issue a decade ago. But even though it involves more of us than, say, blood diamonds, how many of us know about it?
    • Poulsen arranged a research trip to Congo and successfully secured entry to the Bisie mine, located deep in the jungles of Walikale, where thousands of people, many of them children, were living and working in hellish conditions.
    • Children as young as 12 work as deep as 100 metres below ground, and Poulsen tried seeing for himself what conditions were like inside the mine, but he didn’t get far. “I was simply too big and I had a camera that made it hard for me to get an everyday life atmosphere. People would just sit and look at me.”
    • Poulson approached Nokia – as well-known advocates of corporate social responsibility, he thought they would be keen to show him what they were doing to improve the situation. They told him by email that they didn’t have the “resources” to help him.
    • “Nokia had the chance of being the hero of this film, if they had opened up to me. It is a mystery why they didn’t. But it also shows why this issue isn’t being solved: people are turning a blind eye.
    • The casualties of war in the DR Congo have been, he says, like a “Haiti earthquake every third month for the last 15 years.

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